Posted by: BPSOS | October 14, 2009

Service Fair Well Received by the Community!

On Saturday, October 3rd, BPSOS hosted a Service Fair at the Vietnamese Civic Center featuring services and programs from the Houston Fire Department, Harris County Hospital District, City of Houston Public Library and the Community Emergency Response Team. The event’s main purpose was to get the community to listen to fire safety tips and learn hurricane preparedness tips.


“We wanted to give our clients a venue where they could sit, listen, and ask questions about some of Houston’s services,” said Cassady Le, event coordinator. “The city provided us with Vietnamese-translated material which was really effective with getting our attendees’ attention.”

Although the event was scheduled to start at 11 o’clock in the morning, attendees were already lining up as early as 9 AM.

“I want to make sure I get a free smoke detector from the Houston Fire Department,” said one elderly attendee.


After doors opened, the attendees took their seat and listened to a 30-minute presentation from the Houston Fire Department and Community Emergency Response Team. Following the presentations, participants were able to walk around and sign up for services such as a library card from the Houston Public Library and register for CHIP applications. With approximately 90 attendees, the Service Fair ended in an hour and a half.

“I was glad the participants asked a lot of questions about our 2-1-1 services. The information we were able to share will help individuals find assistance for services, [such as food, shelter, disaster relief, and after-school programs]” said Jackie Miller from the City of Houston. “We were able to sign up registrants for 2-1-1 transportation.”

BPSOS exists to empower the Vietnamese communities, and through events such as the Service Fair, we are able to supply the community with knowledge that will help in their search for a life in liberty and dignity.


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