Posted by: BPSOS | May 8, 2009

Thành Quả – Results: BPSOS-Orange County Among Partners to Receive EPA’s Citizens Excellence in Community Involvement Award!

trophy fishMay 8, 2009: The Fish Contamination Education Collaborative (FCEC), with which BPSOS-Orange County partners, has received the Citizens Excellence in Community Involvement Award from the Environmental Protection Agency!

The award recognizes community groups and individuals who have made a significant contribution to a Superfund clean-up. This year, the FCEC was nominated by the EPA’s regional office in San Francisco for demonstrating the collaborative group’s leadership skills, creativity and results oriented approach in educating the public about the contamination off the Palos Verdes Shelf (PVS) and its effect on human and environmental health.

In recognition of all of the branch’s hard work, BPSOS-Orange County’s manager, Tiffany Nguyen, earned a spot in the FCEC newsletter. Click here to see her educating the public about healthy eating habits when it comes to fish!

“We are excited about receiving this prestigious award,” said Sharon Lin, EPA project manager for FCEC who oversees all the stakeholder involvement. “It’s proof that our collaborative approach is working successfully. We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s reassuring to know we are moving in the right direction.”

To learn more about BPSOS-Orange County, contact branch manager Tiffany Nguyen at or 714.897.2214.

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