Posted by: BPSOS | March 4, 2009

Tin Tức – News: Tet Festival-Goers in Louisville Laugh Off Ice and Wind Storms

tet09_0462Performers in the Louisville Tet skit model the ao dai’s elegance.

March 4, 2009: It takes more than an ice storm, followed by gale-force winds, to stop Tet in Louisville, as over 800 people showed up on February 15 for good food, cultural traditions, and even some comic relief!

The dangerous winter storms managed to delay the celebration from its initial February 1 date, but the community’s Vietnamese-American leaders refused to cancel a centuries-old tradition just because of a little falling ice. BPSOS-Louisville branch manager Brooke Ha and Loan Nguyen, program coordinator for the Community Development Department, helped pull off the big event. They served as the vice president of the event planning committee and the food vendor coordinator, respectively.

Working with other community leaders, they set rolling an extravaganza that included a comedic skit about a beauty pageant with contestants from Vietnam’s three regions,and a game booth featuring a raffle based on numbers printed in each participant’s program. Keep reading for more news and photos of the day!

The typical festival-goer this year raised hopes that traditions like Tet remain important to young Vietnamese Americans.

“This year was tough for because of the change in the date,” said Ha. “But we were encouraged that majority of the attendees were the younger generation, 40 and under.”

This year, besides BPSOS staff, young people from various faith-based Louisville organizations played a key role in planning and bringing off the Tet festival. The event also featured an important presence of Amerasians, who promoted a short film about their experiences titled Nhung Manh Doi Rach Nat II.

“We were really pleased that BPSOS could be a part of keeping these traditions alive,” said Ha. “We’re grateful for the hard work of all the community partners who share this commitment with us.”

More photos of the fiesta:

n551271800_1493694_5615On stage: Louisville performers show off their talents.

p1000896Louisville Amerasians promote Nhung Manh Doi Rach Nat II.


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