Posted by: BPSOS | February 12, 2009

Tin Tức – News: BPSOS-Charlotte Delivers Messages of Workplace Safety & Financial Health

feb-12-09-cacos-charlotte-crop-12A BPSOS-Charlotte presenter shows community members the basics of healthy workplace practices.

February 12, 2009: BPSOS-Charlotte’s staff showcased a range of important skills for working families, ranging from safe workplace practices to smart financial moves, at a workshop at their office February 7.

The three-part program kicked off with a video on how to prevent falls in the workplace. Why is this important, particularly for Vietnamese-Americans in on the job? For one thing, each year, over 100,000 injuries and deaths are attributable to work-related falls, making them one of the leading causes of occupational death. In fact, a study of 99 fall-related fatalities suggests that all of the deaths could have been prevented by the use of fall protection!

Given these facts, the lingual and cultural barriers that sometimes separate Vietnamese Americans from their workplace supervisors can be more deadly than usual. Consider what could happen if workers without a strong background in workplace-safety practices were receiving complicated instructions in their second language. So BPSOS takes the task of educating Vietnamese-American workers very seriously – lives are at stake!

feb-12-09-cacos-charlotte-crop-2Part two of the program, a presentation on how to head off a flu epidemic in a small business workplace, gave the needed health tips and safe practices that could save even more lives if America ever faces a widespread public threat from influenza. Like the preceding presentation, this one was a part of BPSOS’ Community Awareness Campaign on Occupational Safety (CACOS), a program supported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Part three featured James Nguyen of Wells Fargo, presenting on how to build a strong credit rating. In today’s economic crisis, financial health can have a big impact on families’ physical health, so these lessons are crucial. The Charlotte office is grateful for lending his expertise!

In all of these presentations, BPSOS-Charlotte looked to working families as a source of the Vietnamese-American community’s pride – and a resource worth investing in!



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