Posted by: BPSOS | February 10, 2009

Cơ Hội – Opportunities: Make a Difference for Vietnamese Americans – Apply for Jobs With the US Census Bureau

censusFebruary 10, 2009: Does the economic crisis have you looking for work? The US Census Bureau is currently hiring, and through your work, you could help ensure that more of our tax dollars benefit Vietnamese Americans. But you’ll need to hurry, because it appears that this is the last week for testing and recruitment!

The bureau is in need of more census takers in Virginia’s Fairfax County and beyond. Bilingual capabilities are a plus! You do not need to be a US citizen to apply for this position, but you will need to pass a general knowledge test (which requires the ability to read and write in English).

You can read about the positions available by clicking here.

Why is this so important? Census data affects the work of organizations, both public and private, that extend health, legal, and other services to the Vietnamese-American community. In years past, community leaders have repeatedly stated that the Vietnamese in their area have been undercounted. This has meant less of your tax dollars allocated for services for Vietnamese Americans.

If the Vietnamese-American population is represented well through the 2010 Census data, it can make a difference for all of us!

To apply in VA, call the Census Bureau office and book a test date:

(571) 730-6391 – Alexandria office. (Check website for details for other states.)

Employment application:

You can practice a sample test here:

Good luck!


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