Posted by: bpsoscdd | November 21, 2008

Thành Quả – Results: Community Development Dept. Scores Successes

November 21, 2008: In the last 6 years, the BPSOS Community Development Department has achieved the following successes, among others:

– Partnered with the Internal Revenue Service in disseminating tax-related information to some 120,000 Vietnamese across the country using BPSOS’ own monthly publication and weekly radio programs.

– Partnered with Freddie Mac in the translation into Vietnamese of its series of homeownership booklets: Homeowners Benefits and Responsibilities, The Importance of Good Credit, and Steps to Homeownership.

– Helped create 43 new grassroots organizations.

– Mentored a total of 45 small community-based and faith-based organizations.

– Secured close to $2 million ($1,913,821.03) in new funding to support the activities of these organizations.

Assisted 110 families of Katrina survivors with applying for KRHG (Katrina Repair Home) program funds.

Served 625 seniors, including 100 elderly torture survivors, and helped 35 seniors apply for disability waivers, with 10 approvals.

Organized 36 workshops around the country, conducted 18 radio talk shows, published 20 articles, and placed 36 PSAs regarding HIV/AIDs issues in order to educate more than 30,000 participants.


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