Posted by: BPSOS | November 20, 2008

Cơ Hội – Opportunities: Help for Vietnamese-American Job Seekers in the DC Metro Area!

fairfaxcountypublicschoolsClick the image to the right to learn more about employment opportunities at Fairfax County Public Schools.

November 20, 2008: Now more than ever, with America’s unemployment rate soaring, one of the most important tasks of our Community Development Department (CDD) is helping Vietnamese Americans find jobs. We want to help you find the job of your dreams, or at least one that will help you get by until that job comes around!

As an example of the work we do, the Falls Church office has been working steadily to place clients from Northern Virginia in stable jobs. As part of that effort, on November 18, CDD staffers Thanh Phan and Thanh Nguyen took approximately 60 Vietnamese-American clients to attend a Falls Church event titled How to Apply for Fairfax County Public Schools Jobs.

The county’s schools are currently hiring several bus drivers, custodians, and food services personnel. Those who took part learned a lot of valuable information for their job search, including the fact that bus drivers are the most in-demand, and that job seekers were best advised to apply for jobs online rather than through paper applications.

We try to offer flexible guidance that meets the needs of people with a variety of skills and levels of English proficiency. If you or someone you know is searching for work and you think we can help, call Loan Hanlon at (703) 538-2190. We’ll be glad to talk to you about your situation and try to point you in the right direction!


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